Georgia DUI Intervention Program

A Clinical Evaluation consists of a comprehensive face-to-face clinical assessment of approximately one hour. The use of a few evidence-based self-report
questionnaires will assist your evaluator in determining whether a treatment referral is warranted.

For some, receiving a DUI or testing positive for alcohol or other drugs presents an opportunity ... albeit non-voluntarily ... to receive the appropriate and necessary treatment to stem the tide of either a potential or ongoing substance misuse problem.

You may verify here that Craig Rich of Columbus Aftercare is listed on the Georgia DUI Intervention Program registry a Clinical Evaluator (CE) and Treatment Provider (TP) #2596.











Our Georgia DUI Intervention Program group counseling sessions are defined in ASAM terms (American Society of Addiction Medicine). Treatment is conducted on 2 levels, and is based upon the recommendation of your Clinical Evaluator:

ASAM Level 1 Short-Term Program is 6 - 12 weeks, and is mandated for a minimum of 1 hour of treatment per week, for a minimum of 18 hours total. At Columbus Aftercare we offer 3-hour group sessions, so it is therefore possible to complete ASAM Level 1 Short-Term treatment in as few as 6 weeks.

ASAM Level 1 Long-Term Program is 4 - 12 months, and consists of a minimum of 3 hours treatment per week. A clinical review of your progress will occur when 4 months of treatment has been completed. A decision will then be made for you to either continue in treatment, or to be discharged as having successfully completed your treatment.

*When you have completed your treatment we will request a Certificate of Treatment Completion from the Georgia DUI Intervention Program, of which you can take to any Georgia Division of Motor Vehicles office in order to apply for your reinstated driver's license.

What Is Prime Solutions?

Prime Solutions® has been adopted by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities as the mandated treatment model for the Georgia DUI Intervention Program. Columbus Aftercare is now proud to offer this education /treatment curriculum to our DOT SAP clients.

Prevention Research Institute describes Prime Solutions® as an evidence-derived program.  That means Prime Solutions® is built on evidence-based practices like motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the Transtheoretical Model. 

PRI designed Prime Solutions® to close the gap between the acceptance and full implementation of effective treatment methods. Prime Solutions is a substance use treatment program developed in collaboration with several leading addiction experts. The treatment program helps clients diagnosed with substance use disorder make changes in their high-risk drinking and drug use. Prime Solutions is a "flexibly manualized" treatment approach that applies best practices in a unique way.


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