alt="Columbus Aftercare will allow a reduced fee schedule on a limited basis for the treatment of addictive disorders and mental health care."alt="Craig Jay Rich conducts DUI assessments prior to client going to court for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs."

For individuals who have received a DUI on one or more occasions, and are required to have a comprehensive evaluation with a documented treatment recommendation prior to your next court appearance -- we welcome you. Ditto for those individuals who have tested drug or alcohol positive through your place of employment, as well as those adolescents who have tested drug-positive through your school. Or those courageous persons who are seriously considering the difficult but meaningful decision to work toward ceasing those alcohol and drug taking behaviors that have had a negative impact upon your lives.

An evaluation to determine the presence of chemical dependency or a substance misuse disorder is a first-line necessity whenever a clinical treatment recommendation is anticipated. Our criminal justice system has shown an encouraging trend toward seeking treatment-over-incarceration for non-violent crimes where alcohol or other drugs may in some way be related to the commission of a crime.

An evaluation for substance misuse is an important diagnostic tool in planning a treatment strategy and plan of recovery. Results can provide accurate information concerning frequency and severity of use, levels of denial, and indicators related to an individual's readiness to accept professionally guided treatment, and one's overall motivation for change.

An accurate evaluation for the presence of a substance-use disorder can also indicate coexisting conditions such as depression or other mental health conditions. Addiction is never one-dimensional, and there are many different factors to be considered.

To better ensure the accuracy of our substance misuse evaluations; a number of evidence-based, self-anchored reporting tools are utilized to guide and support the ultimate findings. The Behavioral Health Index (a newer and improved version of the Addiction Severity Index), The Beck Depression Inventory, The Michigan Alcohol Screening Test, the Drug Abuse Screening Test, and the SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory) are all interchangeably utilized within this clinical practice to insure a high level of accuracy and correctness -- all within the specific framework and detailed guidelines of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Columbus Aftercare has forged ongoing relationships with the Georgia DUI Intervention Program, drug-free workplaces within the public and private sector, High School Guidance and Student Assistance Counselors, Prosecutors, Attorneys, Judges, Probation and Parole Officers, and members of the Clergy.



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