Our goal at Columbus Aftercare is to restore necessary emotional balance and harmony to individuals and their families.

This can often be accomplished by addressing the systematic interruption that is frequently found in the adolescent developmental life-cycle.

The structure and biopsychosocial approach of our methods bypass the traditional need to leave home, family, and school while being treated at an inpatient facility.

We also understand the pressures, loneliness, and desperation that families who are struggling to cope with a difficult teen; developmental arrests, mental illness, and substance misuse, are but a few of the current challenges many Columbus families face.


And when it comes to military families ... many of the circumstances faced are somewhat unique. At Columbus Aftercare, we have the necessary experience to work effectively with military families.

Simply stated ... we have seen the possibilities!

Improvements in adaptive coping strategies and the performance of ordinary daily and independent living skills.

Advancements in the ability to problem-solve, with dramatic improvements in communication at home with family and foster family members, with friends, with peers at school, and other adults in positions of authority.

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