Welcome to Columbus Aftercare


"Do what you do ... and do it well."  Some very sound advice that I received 25+ years ago.

Having taken that to heart; I have done my best putting that philosophy to work by offering a variety of mental health services to the benefit of all clients.


Columbus Aftercare offers a wide array of adolescent treatment services. We also specialize in substance-misuse evaluation and treatment.

The comprehensive nature of the adolescent treatment model that we employ and the Structured Adolescent Psychotherapy Groups offered through Columbus Aftercare have been developed and fine-tuned to address the systematic interruption that is frequently found in the adolescent life cycle. Our goal is to restore necessary emotional balance and harmony to teens and their families. We cater to at-risk teens and their families. As an approved Georgia Medicaid provider, we encourage families and caseworkers alike to contact us for additional information, today.

As a member of the Georgia DUI Intervention Program registry; clinical evaluations and treatment recommendations can also be fulfilled through this facility. And having met the qualifications required by The Federal Department of Transportation, I can perform DOT Safety-Sensitive alcohol and drug evaluations under designation as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

While we can't change whatever past circumstances may be, we can recognize that the future begins right now ...

So relax. Take a deep breath ... come on in and check us out.

Craig Rich LCSW, MAC, SAP
Director of Programs


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